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Wednesday, 24th April 2019
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Jaywalkers - Early For A Thursday

The sleeve pictures on Early for a Thursday, the just released CD from Jaywalkers show the trio sat in a pub that’s seen better days.   Maybe it’s some sort of artistic statement, or the only time that someone had a camera to hand, but it’s the only tatty thing about this, their second release.

As anyone who has heard Jaywalkers previously would expect, the musicianship is top notch from the first track Our Sarah, with it’s Fleetwood Mac-ish harmonies to the last Dark Eyes, which wouldn’t be out of place on the play list at a Greek wedding.

Lucy Williams on bass underpins the intricate work of her colleagues, Michael Giverin uses every one of his 27 fingers to good effect on Mandolin (and guitar) and Jay Bradberry’s fiddle is always excellent. Her vocals have moved up a level from the last album 16 miles - and they weren’t too shabby then.

She is at her best, as is the rest of the band on Lonesome Graveyard, four tracks in.

I’ll be his wife, or I’ll take his life, don’t matter much to me,
To see him with another is worse than being free.

The writing is sharp and the delivery flawless, depicting a mixture of determination, despair and resignation, 

The title track begins in sedate, even morose fashion, but at the three minute mark it’s as if they’ve thought “sod it, lets go fast.”  And they do.  If you’re trying to dance to this at four minutes you’ll need several feet.

The balance on this album is different than the previous one.  Then there were five-self penned tracks mixed in with traditional and contemporary material.  Here, all but three are original compositions are from Giverin.  Whether that is a significant departure remains to be seen.

Nevertheless, they’re still skilled interpreters of the work of others.  AP Carter’s Jealous Hearted Me, gets a smouldering swing-style treatment. 

Gonna buy me a bulldog to watch while I sleep,
To watch that man of mine on his midnight creep.

Well that’s one way of dealing with Jay’s infidelity problem.  Don’t muck about with this woman.  Let’s not forget she threatened to kill someone a few tracks ago.

This is a solid, rather than a spectacular album, albeit one which has a number of sparkling highlights. Although much of it is conducted at furious pace, there are pleasing subtleties throughout.

The launch party is at Chester Music Theatre on 23rd June.  It’s worth the excursion to see an act whose star is deservedly on the rise.



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